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April 11th is World Parkinson’s Day

This year again, we are collaborating with the EPDA (European Parkinson’s Disease Association) to raise awareness of Parkinson’s disease – a chronic and progressive movement disorder, in which symptoms worsen over time. It affects over 6 million people worldwide - a number that will double by 2040.1

There are therapies to help people with Parkinson’s as their condition progresses – Deep Brain Stimulation has been proven effective at helping people with Parkinson’s.2

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The window of opportunity for your patients to receive DBS therapy begins as early as 5 years after the appearance of their first Parkinson’s symptoms.3

Knowing when to have the conversation about further treatment options can make a significant difference in your patients’ quality of life.4

When is a good time to consider DBS Therapy for your patients?4

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Use the Medtronic EarlyStimulus tool to refer with confidence

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With the guidance of the Medtronic EarlyStimulus tool, you'll have actionable, objective information at your fingertips to inform the therapeutic decisions you make with your patients.

Clinical studies supporting the use of DBS therapy 175,000 patients* treated worldwide

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Number of unique patients implanted as of January 2020.

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