Research and Development at India Medtronic

Research and Development at India Medtronic

 Our commitment to address universal healthcare needs and improve clinical outcomes through meaningful innovation

Research and Development (R&D) is aligned with our mission, focused on addressing universal healthcare needs, improving clinical outcomes, expanding global access to care and optimizing costs and efficiencies across the healthcare continuum—through three core strategies: Therapy innovation, Globalization and Economic Value.

Medtronic has been leveraging the unique strength of India beyond providing therapies to the patients in India. To take advantage of India’s strength with a large pool of qualified engineers, doctors with wide ranging patient pool experience & hospitals providing quality care, Medtronic established-

  • Medtronic Engineering and Innovation Centre, Hyderabad (MEIC) – a state of the art, IT-enabled, captive engineering R&D center in India. It provides high-quality, high-performance, cost-effective engineering services to Medtronic’s products and its global and regional business units, supporting their product development and other engineering functions.

  • Medtronic India Development Centre, Bangalore (MIDC) - The center focuses on key product, design and development aspects of the Renal Care Solutions business, which is currently developing a new hemodialysis system. MIDC aims to address the barriers that prevent wider availability of therapy for patients with end stage renal disease in emerging countries such as India.