MIC Sugical Lab

Medtronic Innovation Center (MIC) in Mumbai offers healthcare professionals training on advanced procedures and techniques using Medtronic equipment and technology. It has the capability of training more than 5,000 healthcare professionals a year  and is committed to creating opportunities for healthcare professionals to have access to industry experts.

Key features

MIC India spans an area of more than 1,000 square meters and includes:

  1. Surgical Lab
    • Seven fully equipped state of the art operating stations with energy-based devices and various minimally invasive surgery (MIS) device solutions, enabling healthcare professionals to perform a range of surgical procedures from open to advanced minimally invasive surgery procedures
    • Capacity for multi point video conferencing and live surgery transmission capability with different hospitals
  2. Simulation Lab

    The capacity to provide in-vitro hands on practical programs by using:

    • Dry and Flow models
    • Laparoscopic simulators
    • Airway mannequin
    • Lungs models
    • Full body human patient simulator
    • Vascular therapies endovascular simulators
  3. Auditorium
    • Suitable for holding training, conferences, symposia and workshops with seating capacity of 60pax
    • Multi point video conferencing and live surgery transmission with 3D backbone for future upgrades
  4. Training
    • Variety of educational courses for HCPs at MIC including Masterclass, peer-to-peer education, symposia, lectures and specialized education programs for trainee surgeons and nurses.
    • Key opinion leaders and industry leaders train and assist physicians as well as supervise them in their individual procedures in a hospital setting after their training at MIC.
    • Live relays from hospitals around the world and other MICs is an integral part of many programs.
  5. Other Amenities
    • Cafeteria with seating capacity for 40pax
    • A library with books and journal subscriptions across different specialities with four internet connected workstations, loaded with surgical videos and journals.