Improving patient treatment

A remote patient management solution helps pain patients.

Mater Private Hospital 

Cork, Ireland

A small clinical team and constrained resources made it challenging to proactively monitor all patients following their procedures. This resulted in some patients not receiving additional treatments or re-entering the pathway in a worse and more complex condition.

To address this, the clinical team worked with Medtronic’s Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) to roll out Get Ready®, a digital remote patient management solution for truly connected care. The tool optimizes the entire care pathway, from referral to post-intervention follow-up.

As a result, pain clinic patients at Mater Private Hospital have become key stakeholders in their treatment and are taking a more active role in managing their health.


Doctor explaining the spine to his patient in medical office

The project enrolled patients in the summer of 2022 and is expected to: 


Reduce clinic and administrative time


Enhance the data collection on patient-reported outcomes


Increase adherence to medication and treatment


Reduce the overall length of a patient’s route to pain therapy




This is an outstanding day for patient care in the area of Pain Management in Cork. It is not only a national first but also right up there on the international front as well.

– Dominic Hegarty Lead Clinician at the Mater Hospital







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