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Venous Air Removal Device (VARD)

Affinity™ Venous Air Removal Device (VARD)

No intervention required; automated venous air removal facilitating the benefits of closed circuits.


Experience automatic venous air removal with the Medtronic Affinity VARD. A visual and audible alarm alerts the surgical team to the condition, as it automatically and quickly removes air in the extracorporeal circuit.

The system features:

  • Ultrasonic air sensors that detect air at the inlet of the system as well as the liquid level in the filter
  • A 38 micron screen
  • Chamber and port at the top of the device to collect and remove coalesced air
360 View – Affinity VARD

If air enters the Affinity™ VARD through the venous return line and the liquid level drops below sensor level, the sensor will provide a signal to the connected AAR1000 that in turn automatically opens the pinch valve* to the vacuum. The vacuum will suction the air out of the Affinity™ VARD until the sensor detects liquid. The AAR1000 Controller then reengages the pinch valve and closes the vent tube. This means you can be assured that the Affinity™ VARD will detect air, while the AAR1000 Controller will automatically control your vacuum activity to remove any air detected.

Using the Affinity™ VARD gives you the ultimate flexibility to include or eliminate a venous hardshell reservoir, cardiotomy or holding bag, depending on your circuit setup preference.


*The pinch valve responds to full open position within 0.1 seconds for immediate air removal.