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Medtronic Open Pivot™ Aortic Valved Graft (AVG)


The Medtronic Open Pivot™ Aortic Valved Graft unites a fundamentally different bileaflet heart valve design with leading graft technology for exceptional implantability.


Unlike other bileaflet valves, which use cavity pivots, the Medtronic Open Pivot™ Aortic Valved Graft (AVG) has no recesses or cavities in the pivot area where thrombogenesis can occur.1,2 This allows for continuous passive washing and gentle treatment of blood cells, resulting in low levels of hemolysis and thromboembolic events.1,3

Excellent hemodynamics

In-vivo studies demonstrate excellent hemodynamics.3,4,5

Easy implantability

With no tapers or pleats, the Medtronic Open Pivot™ Aortic Valved Graft allows for easy anastomosis anywhere on the graft. A larger graft internal diameter minimizes stress on coronary anastomosis, and the rotatable valve allows for optimal leaflet positioning.

Proven graft material

The Hemashield®* Woven Double Velour Graft is a low-porosity graft material to improve hemostasis.6,7 Excellent resorption rates facilitate healing.6 The graft material also offers exceptional handling characteristics.

Simple valve selection

Convenient accessories include nine white-handled, single-ended Standard Heart Valve Sizers. Each sizer handle has a clear cylindrical ring that approximates the patient’s tissue annulus size for appropriate valve selection.

*Hemashield® is a registered trademark of MAQUET Cardiovascular, LLC.




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