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Octopus® Tissue Stabilizers

Our newest generation tissue stabilizer features automatic pod spread for effective visualization.


Octopus Evolution AS – The Next Generation Tissue Stabilizer

The newest generation tissue stabilizer from Medtronic demonstrates an enduring commitment to the cardiac surgeon. With all the same features of the Octopus® Evolution – enhanced stability, flexibility, and a lower profile for unlimited positioning options – the Octopus Evolution AS offers an automatic pod spread feature that enhances visibility at the anastomotic site.

Octopus Evolution – Low Profile With Flexibility and Reach

The Octopus Evolution stabilizer provides enhanced stability, flexibility, and a lower profile for unlimited positioning options.

Enhanced stability and flexibility features:

  • Improved visualization with:
    • Lower profile headlink
    • Surgeon controlled pod-spread
  • Allowance for multiple device positions including pods-up, pods-down and pods-to-the-side applications
  • Increased flexibility and range of motion
  • Longer, effective reach of the articulating arm provides easier access to all vessels
  • Simple, secure, one-handed engagement of clamp and turret assembly

Octopus 4.3 – The Ultimate in Stability

The new Octopus 4.3 stabilizer features superior arm strength and unmatched stability in the clamp/turret mechanism.

  • Dual vacuum tubes offer superior tissue capture
  • Internal cable enables arm twisting for maximum access and flexibility
  • Reinforced arm links offer better stabilization
  • Whale tail tightens easily
  • Swivel turret offers access while maximizing visualization
  • Head lock design allows “toes up” position, pod spread and bend
  • Rigid clamp designed to eliminate rocking

Octopus 4 – Excellent Stability and Flexibility

The Octopus 4 tissue stabilizer includes innovative features, such as clear, malleable pods combined with a smaller diameter, more flexible arm, and an ultra-low headlink profile.

  • Pod spreading optimizes sewing space and stability of anastomotic site
  • Reduced headlink profile improves visibility of surgical site
  • Rigid, multi-material arm reduces movement at the anastomotic site
  • Smaller diameter, more flexible arm offers greater flexibility in positioning
  • Smaller, color-coded whale tail provides minimal obstruction
  • Single vacuum tubing line minimizes obstruction
  • Innovative turret design increases effective arm reach, dramatically increasing positioning options with 360-degree movement

Important Safety Information

Not all patients are candidates for beating heart procedures. Some patients would require cardiopulmonary support during surgery.