Coronary Artery Disease

Coronary Artery Disease

About the Therapy

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About Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease

About Treatments for Coronary Artery Disease

Stents and bypass surgery are common treatments for blocked arteries. Stents are tiny, expandable mesh tubes that hold arteries open. Bypass surgery involves rerouting the blood flow around the blocked artery by using a healthy artery from somewhere else in your body.

What Is It?

Whether the treatment is stenting or bypass surgery, the goal of coronary artery disease treatment is to restore blood flow in a clogged artery to a near-normal rate. Both of these methods require specialised procedures and devices to accomplish this goal.
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Benefits and Risks

All treatment and outcome results are specific to the individual patient, and will form part of your consultation with your healthcare professional.

Please consult your healthcare professional for a full list of benefits, indications, precautions, clinical results, and other important medical information that pertains to treatments for coronary artery disease.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you or a loved one has been recommended by your doctor for stenting or bypass surgery, it is important that you talk to your doctor about the procedure. Ask questions, voice your concerns, and learn as much as you can.
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