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Mission in Motion Medtronic Netherlands

Discover how Medtronic employees contribute to the community.

To maintain good citizenship as a company is part of the Medtronic Mission. By bringing together the talents and gifts of our employees, we can do valuable things for our community. Volunteerism, education and grants to charities all contribute to helping those people who need it most.

Mission in Motion (MiM) does not stop at the community level. Within Medtronic, employees can also actively work on their health – and at the same time contribute to the community - by participating in running or walking events or by donating volunteering hours. So, they really put our Mission in Motion.

Project 6

Project 6 is the collective effort of Medtronic employees from around the world making an impact on their communities through volunteerism.

Named after the sixth tenet of the Medtronic Mission – to maintain good citizenship as a company – Project 6 takes place in the sixth month of the year and this is an opportunity for employees to use their skills and talents to make a difference in their local communities.

In 2018, over 20,000 employees representing 52 countries volunteered nearly 60,000 hours of service during Project 6. That is an incredible contribution.

Meals from the Heart

Meals from the Heart

In line with the sixth tenet of our Mission, we organized meal packing events over the past years.
The packed meals were offered to the Salvation Army and local food banks, which support hundreds of families each week.

Toon Hermans House

Toon Hermans House

The Toon Hermans House is one of the institutions that has been frequently supported by Mission in Motion. Examples include painting and redecorating several rooms and the donation of kilometers*.


* This means that all kilometers run, biked or walked by Medtronic employees during official events, can be added to the Mission in Motion kilometer collection box. For every donated kilometer, Medtronic donates € 2 to charity!

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House is a stone's throw away from the Medtronic Bakken Research Center (BRC). The House is a temporary home for parents, brothers and sisters of children who are admitted to the Maastricht UMC+. In the context of good citizenship, Medtronic BRC adopts a week in June. By providing a delicious dinner, breakfast or snack at different times to the parents during this week, we hope to support these families during these difficult times.


Resuscitation Relay

Medtronic supports the annual Resuscitation Relay in the Province of Limburg. Thousands of students aged 15-18 have been educated in life support over the past years. The relay, or ‘reanimatie-estafette’, as it is called in Dutch, highlights the impact and importance of resuscitation education. The event is not only sponsored by Medtronic, but our employees also actively contribute during the sessions, both as participants and instructors. More information at

Resuscitation Program

The Bakken Research Center (BRC) in Maastricht annually facilitates employee resuscitation (re)trainings provided by TaskForce QRS. The instructors are healthcare students of Maastricht University. More information at


Soap for Hope

Employees can collect and bring all kinds of toiletries which are donated to the Salvation Army.

Eyes for the Blind

Bottle caps are collected throughout the year to fund the training of guide dogs for the blind.




Five4Five is an event in which every employee can participate. While walking, running or biking, the Medtronic employee supports cancer research performed at the MUMC+ (Maastricht University Medical Center).


Walk with your Doctor

Walk with your doctor

Each year in September, the Walk with your Doctor (Loop met je Dokter) walking event takes place. In 2018, the event celebrated its tenth anniversary with over 700 participants walking 5 or 10 km, including around 30 Medtronic employees and their families. In addition, 12 Medtronic volunteers provided lunch to all participants in Bemelen.


In addition to the two events that include walking, additional runs are organized during the year in which every employee can participate. The runs for the coming year are:

Runs in 2019

Date Event

28 April, 2019

Roermond City Run

25 May, 2019


16 June, 2019

Maastrichts Mooiste

2 August, 2019

Maastricht Sport Night Run

13 October, 2019

Meerssen Marathon

4 November, 2019


8 December, 2019

Urban Trail Eindhoven

Besides these runs, employees can also participate in the Start to Run Initiative (5 km) or the Bootcamp sessions which are held every week.

Donating running, biking and walking kilometers to
Mission in Motion

All kilometers run, biked or walked by Medtronic employees during official events, can be added to the Mission in Motion kilometer collection box. For every donated kilometer, Medtronic donates € 2 to charity!

During Fiscal Year 2018, we collected 8000 km or € 16,000, which we donated to
two organizations: Danielle's Droom (a new swimming pool for people with a disability) and the Alzheimer Foundation (Alzheimer Fonds).

And during Fiscal Year 2019, we have also reached our goal of 8000 collected km!
This means that we will donate € 16,000 to the charities mentioned below.

Fiscal Year 2019 donations


Employee Volunteerism

Each year, Medtronic sponsors small-scale community initiatives contributing to healthcare improvements. Medtronic employees who actively participate in a charity can nominate their charity for this program. Sponsored charities will receive an amount between € 1,000 and € 2,500 each.