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As a leader in global medical education, Medtronic provides a customizable approach to learning for healthcare professionals. Our programs highlight the latest advancements in spine surgery including new procedures, imaging, navigation, robotics, artificial intelligence, expandable interbody cages, patient specific rod technology, biologics, and surface technologies.

Here you will find a sampling of our on-demand educational content as well as a link to Medtronic Academy with an expansive innovation library of on-demand lectures, surgical cases, case reviews, surgical techniques, and clinical data summaries.

  • Do you have interest in viewing a TLIF procedure featuring Mazor X Stealth EditionTM Robotics-Guidance Platform?
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  • Is artificial intelligence and predictive modeling in spine surgery something you'd like to explore further?
  • Do you have interest in learning more about the 10-year clinical data for PRESTIGE LPTM Cervical Disc?
  • Would you like to see a surgeon demo or obtain a surgical technique for a navigated, minimally invasive TLIF featuring AdaptixTM Interbody System with nanoLOCKTM Surface Technology?
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Sample Content

Dr. Paul Kraemer, orthopedic surgeon, completes an oblique lateral interbody spinal fusion procedure in the L2-L5 space.


Dr. Sigurd Berven, orthopedic surgeon, discusses his thoughts on bone graft selection for spine surgery.


Dr. Richard Chua, neurosurgeon, demonstrates a minimally invasive decompression interbody fusion procedure using robotic assisted and image guided techniques.


Four healthcare providers talking around a table

Future Spine Leaders Learning Series

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Four healthcare providers talking around a table


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An Evening with the Experts Cervical Arthroplasty

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