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CryoConsole <br>Cardiac Cryoablation System

Cardiac Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation


The CryoConsole houses the components and software needed to perform cryoablation procedures. It controls the delivery, recovery, and disposal of cryoablation refrigerant safely and efficiently. Specifically, the console:

  • Stores and controls the delivery of the liquid refrigerant (N2O) through the coaxial umbilical to the catheter
  • Recovers the refrigerant vapor from the catheter under constant vacuum
  • Disposes of the refrigerant through the hospital scavenging system

For more detailed information on the CryoConsole, including specs, visit Medtronic Academy.


The CryoConsole features an adjustable monitor and touch-screen control for a straightforward procedure. It can be paired with a footswitch that starts and stops the flow of refrigerant during a procedure. The console also includes an EP connectivity feature, which enables cryotherapy information to be transmitted to select external EP recording systems.


Patient data and therapy variables are managed by a simple touchscreen interface. The screen also displays numerical and graphical data to help physicians and staff assess the status of the system, ablation time, and catheter temperatures. The CryoConsole can transmit information about the procedure to other EP recording systems for display purposes.


For more detailed product information about the CryoConsole, including specs, visit Medtronic Academy.