Three resources explore the promise of robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) and the hurdles to its adoption. These pieces provide a holistic review of this groundbreaking technology and offer insight on bringing its promise to patients.

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The Future of Surgery

Robotic Surgery Gives Doctors New Savvy

Learn from a MIT Technology Review Insights paper that discusses the potential of RAS to provide better health outcomes to patients worldwide and explores the ongoing journey to get this technology into the hands of surgeons:

  • Advancements in technology and design are increasing effectiveness and raising the bar on system intelligence.
  • Remote RAS could lead to wider access to surgery around the globe.
  • The medical field is exploring how best to train surgeons on RAS.
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Expanding Capabilities

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Read a second paper that highlights the role of RAS in minimally invasive surgery and identifies the attributes of good RAS solutions. The most comprehensive, sustainable solutions must:

  • Combine the latest technology with flexible models across several disease states
  • Provide the best clinical and training support
  • Expand based on technological advances and the evolving needs of health systems
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An Integrated Ecosystem of Tailored Solutions

Watch the Q&A session in which Medtronic executive Dave Anderson talks about why Medtronic is uniquely positioned to offer an ecosystem of solutions. Dave addresses:

  • How RAS is changing the field of medicine
  • How RAS can improve outcomes for clinicians, hospitals, and patients
  • How RAS reshapes the way we approach research and development
  • The primary barriers to RAS adoption
  • The advantages Medtronic offers its partners – experience, robotics, navigation and imaging  – to bring RAS to more clinicians and patients

Medtronic executive, Dave Anderson, discusses robotic-assisted surgery for spine.
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