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The Strength of Mazor

Enhanced software usability makes it possible for you to plan and simulate cages and screws while optimizing construct design:

  • Measure spinal alignment
  • Plan pedicle screws and cages
  • Visualize rod placement
  • Simulate osteotomies and correction
  • Plan incision
  • Share a 3D plan with your patient
Close up of the latest Mazor robotic guidance software enhancement on a desktop computer screen.
Close up of surgeon using Mazor robotic guidance with the Midas Rex system integration.

The Power of Midas Rex

Midas Rex™ high speed drill systems are now fully integrated into the Mazor™  procedure:

  • Starting with pilot hole creation, the Midas Rex™ Mazor™ attachments are designed to minimize the potential for skiving at speeds of up to 75,000 rpm.
  • Stealth-Midas™ navigated drills allow you to visualize access and decompression in real-time.

The Confidence of Access and Interbody Navigation

Navigate with ease – and precision: 

  • Visualize the reach of disc prep instruments and precise placement without intraoperative fluoroscopy.
  • Use Elevate™, Capstone™, and Clydesdale™ systems for confident posterior and lateral interbody placement. 
Close up of surgeon using Mazor robotic guidance with disc prep instruments.

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