The InterStim™ basic evaluation helps your patients find answers

The InterStim™ basic evaluation lead is designed to move with your patient.

The latest InterStim™ basic evaluation lead is engineered with advanced coil technology and designed to minimize electrode migration during daily activities.*

Strain on the lead is transferred along the coils and away from the electrode, helping the electrode stay in place.

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An electrode that stays in place means more successful evaluations.

Graph showing Axonics compared to Medtronic.

Better force distribution means the electrode stays in place, helping patients find relief with a conclusive result.

The Medtronic InterStim™ basic evaluation lead is proven to exert nine times less force on the electrode compared to other technology.†‡

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The InterStim™ evaluation systems are designed with the patient in mind. Say yes to the tests.

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Complications can occur with the evaluation, including tissue damage, infection, and technical problems with the device. Patients should be instructed on operating the programmer and given precautions related to the evaluation.


Medtronic data on file. NRP1086-45073, Marketing claim data summary: Foxtrot electrode stability

Based on computational modeling and experimental data

Axial force measured at strain during cadaver testing