Medtronic South Africa and Sub-Sahara Headquarters

Welcome to Medtronic Africa

For more than 30 years, Medtronic Africa has been committed to supporting the healthcare needs of the public and private sector in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. Medtronic offers therapies that treat nearly 70 conditions, including some of the world’s most challenging chronic diseases — like diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease.

Our legacy of innovation and unique position as the world’s largest medical technology company allow us to play a central role in transforming healthcare in South Africa and Sub Saharan Africa. We’re collaborating with new partners in new ways to create new innovations — ones that add both clinical and economic value. So that tomorrow, even more people can get the affordable care they need.

How to contact Medtronic Africa

Medtronic Headquarters

Medtronic Africa
Waterfall Distribution Campus
Corner K101 & Bridal Veil Road
South Africa
+27 11 2609300

Associations and societies in South Africa supported by Medtronic Africa

Medtronic Africa works closely with and supports the following associations and societies in South Africa: