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No more ice-cream

You may have a more efficient tonsillectomy1,† in approximately 5 minutes2,††

Having a tonsillectomy has never been easier

This new technology may help with faster recovery2 and less post operative bleeding2


A surgical innovation created to continually advance patient care


A procedural solution from Medtronic

Contact your doctor today to discuss your tonsillectomy and enjoy a quick return to normal life.


† Krishnan study uses an median value when analyzing the operative time. The Vangelis G. Alexiou, Mary Sheryll Salazar-Salvia study uses average analysis when analyzing operative time.

†† BiZact™ tonsillectomy allows for a shortened operative time in the hands of both experienced and training surgeons with a median time of 5.1 minutes (range 1.5 – 26.5 minutes).

1. Vangelis G. Alexiou, Mary Sheryll Salazar-Salvia. Modern Technology-Assisted vs Conventional Tonsillectomy: A Meta-analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Arch Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg. 2011;137(6):558-570.

2. Krishnan G. et. al. Tonsillectomy using the BiZact- A pilot study in 186 children and adults. Clinical Otolaryngology. May 2019, Vol. 44 Issue 3, p392-396