Advanced Analysis. Efficient Management.

From Study Initiation, Through Review and Analysis, to Report Generation, We Have the Solution.

The RAPID™ reader for PillCam™ software enables efficient management of PillCam™ capsule endoscopy studies from initiation, through review and analysis, to report generation. With solutions for every capsule endoscopy workflow, RAPID™ software provides multiple reading modes, advanced analysis features that aid in image interpretation, convenient study management, and network connectivity.

Your Reflux Testing Systems Now Operate On One Software Platform. 

Reflux Reader v6.0 supports Digitrapper™ catheter-based reflux testing system, Digitrapper™ reflux recorder, Bravo™ capsule based reflux testing system and Bravo™ reflux recorder.  This new software contains enhancements that make the user interface intuitive and easy-to-use.

RAPID™ Reader Software v8.3

PillCam™ COLON 2 System

Download the Help & Documentation Disc and latest software. Take the opportunity to view the RAPID™ Reader Software v8.3 user manual and IT guide.

RAPID™ Reader Software v8.0

Download the Help & Documentation Disc and view the RAPID™ Reader Software v8.0 user manual and IT guide.

Reflux Reader v6.0

Download Reflux Reader v6.0, which provides workflow flexibility and interpretation of Bravo™ and Digitrapper™ reflux studies. Reflux Reader v6.0 can be installed on a computer separate from the main reflux system workstation to support study review and report creation.