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Cardiac and Vascular Group (CVG)

In collaboration with leading clinicians, researchers and scientists worldwide, Medtronic CVG offers the broadest range of innovative medical technology for the interventional and surgical treatment of cardiovascular disease and cardiac arrhythmias.

  • AORTIC: Abdominal and thoracic aortic disease treated with a stent graft.
  • CARDIAC RHYTHM AND HEART FAILURE (CRHF): Devices and therapies to treat abnormal heart rhythms, as well as cardiac diagnostic and monitoring solutions.
  • MECHANICAL CIRCULATORY SUPPORT (MCS) — formerly HeartWare: Partnering with clinicians, researchers and scientist worldwide to advance Ventricular Assist Device therapy for the treatment of end stage heart failure.  
  • CORONARY: Interventional devices to treat coronary arteries that are blocked by atherosclerotic plaque to restore blood flow to the heart.
  • ENDOVENOUS: Diagnostic and catheter based technologies utilized to treat chronic venous insufficiency (CVI).
  • PERIPHERAL: Interventional devices used to treat peripheral artery disease (PAD) through catheter-based procedures and diagnostic technologies.
  • RENAL DENERVATION (RDN): Devices to ablate the renal nerves for the treatment of hypertension and other diseases associated with excess renal sympathetic drive.
  • STRUCTURAL HEART: Devices and therapies to treat structural defects of the heart including cannulae, beating heart products, blood management, perfusion products, surgical ablation, surgical valves and rings, and transcatheter valves.

Minimally Invasive Therapies Group (MITG)  Formerly Covidien

We aspire to enable earlier diagnosis, better treatment, faster complication-free recovery, and enhanced patient outcomes through less-invasive solutions. Our initial focus areas include diseases and conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, lungs, pelvic region and kidneys, as well as obesity and preventable complications.

EARLY TECHNOLOGIES: We disrupt standards of care by developing solutions to enable early diagnosis and intervention. We currently focus on the diseases and conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, lung and liver. Our Early Technologies' businesses and products are as follows:

  • Advanced Ablation Solutions: Emprint™ ablation system with Thermosphere™ technology, Emprint Procedure Planning Application.
  • GI Solutions: Capsule endoscopy (obscure bleeding, Crohn's disease), pH monitoring (GERD), esophagus manometry, AR manometry, endoscopic ultrasound, RFA ablation (Barrett's esophagus), fine needle aspirate cytology, fine needle biopsy cytology, SmartPill™ (gastroparesis).

PATIENT MONITORING AND RECOVERY: Our broad portfolio of solutions spans the continuum of care to support minimally invasive treatment by reducing complications to accelerate patient recovery. Our business units include Respiratory and Monitoring Solutions, Deep Vein Thrombosis/Nutritional Insufficiency, and Patient Care.

Our portfolio of products and services enables and supports minimally invasive solutions for four major patient conditions — respiratory compromise, deep vein thrombosis, nutritional insufficiency, and healthcare-associated infections. Products included are pulse oximetry, capnography, endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes, invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilators, cerebral oxygen saturation monitoring, depth of anesthesia monitoring, elastic and intermittent compression stockings, enteral feeding products, and vascular and urinary access devices.

SURGICAL INNOVATIONS: Setting the standard for minimally invasive surgery (MIS) and electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB) procedures, we optimize patient outcomes by creating innovative surgical products and services.  We currently focus on obesity and diseases and conditions of the gastrointestinal tract, lung, abdominal wall, pelvic region including gynecology, and the head and neck.  We are divided into four distinct business units — Advanced Surgical Technologies (AST), General Surgical Products (GSP), Hernia and Hemostats, and Interventional Lung Solutions (ILS).

  • Advanced Surgical Technologies: Products included are electrosurgical hardware, electrosurgical instruments, ultrasonic dissection, energy-based vessel sealing devices, hysteroscopy, and surgical stapling.
  • General Surgical Products: Included products are trocars and access instruments, wound closure, hand instruments and ligation devices.
  • Hernia and Hemostatic Devices: Hernia repair, biologic and synthetic mesh, and mesh fixation devices. 
  • Interventional Lung Solutions: For lung cancer: superDimension navigation system, navigational bronchoscopy, electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy.

RENAL CARE SOLUTIONS: This business delivers a broad portfolio of meaningful innovations and solutions for the treatment of renal disease that have measurable clinical and economic value. Our global portfolio of products includes dialysis catheters for renal therapy access, fistula cannula for cannulation during dialysis treatment, and a comprehensive portfolio of equipment and consumables for performing dialysis treatment for both acute and chronic renal failure conditions.


Medtronic Diabetes is the world leader in integrated diabetes management solutions, including insulin pump therapy, continuous glucose monitoring, algorithm development and therapy management software.

Restorative Therapies Group (RTG)

The Restorative Therapies Group develops life-restoring therapies and healthcare solutions that span the care continuum. We integrate technologies and apply clinical and economic evidence to increase patient access, improve efficiency of procedures, and deliver successful patient outcomes. RTG is made up of these groups:

  • SPINE: Shapes spine surgery for the better by delivering procedural solutions and therapeutic biologics. We partner with healthcare stakeholders to accelerate innovations that can improve surgical efficiencies and help create better outcomes for more patients.
  • BRAIN THERAPIES: Offers an integrated portfolio of devices and therapies for the treatment of neurological disorders and diseases, as well as surgical technologies designed to improve the precision and workflow of neuro procedures.
  • PAIN THERAPIES: Offers solutions — from early interventional procedures to implantable surgical technologies — to treat chronic pain as well as pain from spinal fractures, cancer and severe spasticity.
  • SPECIALTY THERAPIES: Offers a broad portfolio of therapies to address urologic and gastrointestinal disorders; conditions of the ear, nose and throat; and electrosurgical products for soft tissue dissection and hemostatic sealing of soft tissue and bone.

U.S. Americas Region

  • Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions (IHS): Partnerships that help healthcare providers balance access, cost and high-quality care.
  • Medtronic Care Management Services (MCMS): World-class remote monitoring for value-based healthcare at home.