Hear Md. Osman Gani's Cardio Stenting Story

Md. Osman Gani

Md. Osman Gani

Coronary Stenting Patient 

Caring for the heart before it is too late

Caring for the heart before it is too late

Osman Gani, 59, lived a normal, happy life with his beloved wife and daughter in Dhaka. He had been a service holder by profession who needed to take care of a good workload every day. Despite having to take antihypertensives for 12 years, Osman did not bother much about his physical condition. Many of us often tend to forget that our bodies lose the capability to take stress as we age, and so did Osman, not focusing on the increasing work-pressure and its adverse effects on his body.

When situations got worse, Osman primarily began to have insomnia. Although he had hectic and stressful days, he barely had enough sleep at night to rejoice his strength. Discomfort and fatigue continued to weaken his physical and mental state. But being the only bread-earner in his family, Osman could not think of taking a break from his job.

Osman had wished his days to go by usually through a natural recovery of his condition, but unfortunately, the stress had exceeded his capacity thresholds. His wife and daughter rushed him to the cardiac emergency at a hospital after Osman began to feel severe chest pain and breathlessness one day. ECG and blood test reports soon disclosed that Osman had suffered a heart attack.

Earlier, Osman’s father and an uncle had died of heart attacks. He often felt chest pain and chest tightening, which he presumed to be usual gastric complications. The heart attack came as a reality-check for Osman and his family. But they were wise enough not to waste time anymore, as they then immediately followed the doctor’s advice to prepare for cardiac stent implantation.

It was mentally challenging for the family, but Osman and his family had agreed to undergo the procedure considering the positive records of the process. Two stents were implanted in Osman’s heart through a successful angioplasty. Despite financial constraints, the family put his well-being over everything else.

“It has been over five months now after  stenting, and I am feeling much better now. I am trying my best to live a regulated life according to the doctor’s suggestion. I would like to say that please do not take chest pains or other similar conditions lightly. It can turn fatal if not treated on time”, said Osman Gani .



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