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Have any questions about the hiring process at Medtronic? Review the information below — you may just find the answers you need.


We know the application process can be challenging. If you’re currently talking with a Medtronic recruiter or hiring manager, reach out to them. They’re here to help.


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Have a question? We’ve got answers. Here are the three steps to our hiring process:

  • Step 1: Apply

    Once you've identified an opportunity, create an account on our system and start the application process. You’ll have a chance to upload your resume/CV, and once your application is submitted, you’ll receive a confirmation email. You can also check back to see the status of your application in our system.

  • Step 2: Assess

    Our Talent Acquisition team works diligently with hiring managers to assess candidates for each job opening. If your application is selected, a member of our team will contact you for a preliminary conversation. This begins the dialog to explore the job requirements and how they align with your skills and goals. A follow-up interview is a two-way conversation, so be prepared to answer questions and ask some of your own.

  • Step 3: Offer

    Our team works hard to ensure we make the right hiring decision for you and for Medtronic. If you’ve successfully completed the interview process, and are distinguished as the candidate we’d like to hire, you’ll receive an offer letter from our Talent Acquisition team. The letter will tell you how much time you have to respond and how to accept or decline the offer.


Here are some things to consider when developing your CV/resume:

  • Make your contact information prominent.
  • The font size should be no smaller than 10 point and the length should not exceed two pages.
  • Put your most recent experience first.
  • For each CV/resume you send, highlight only the accomplishments and skills that are most relevant to the job for which you are applying.
  • Your main selling points should be clear and easy to review.
  • Provide as much data as you can. By describing your accomplishments in detail, you allow the hiring manager to picture the level of work or responsibility you needed to achieve them.
  • When reviewing your CV/resume, think about how you can stand out by adding information about how your contributions benefited your team or your company.


  • Know Us: Today, Medtronic is more than a medical technology company. We are a healthcare solutions provider. This expanded role requires us to find candidates who are ready to help us achieve our Mission in new and different ways. Collaborating. Forging new partnerships. And stretching the limits of innovation to truly transform the way healthcare is delivered. Join us as we change healthcare worldwide.
  • Be Yourself: During our short interview, we want to get to know you. Who are you, what are you good at, and what do you want to do with your life? Let’s make the most of this opportunity to see if we are a fit and help to ensure a successful relationship. The best way to do that is to be yourself, speak truthfully, sincerely and show your personality.
  • Do Your Research: Since Medtronic is a global company that focuses on medical technology and healthcare solutions, we'll expect you to know a little about our history and what we do. We encourage you to become familiar with our industry, the challenges we face, and the competitive landscapes where we operate. A great place to start is by reviewing Medtronic’s Mission statement and corporate responsibility page.
  • Show Us Your Passion: Passion is one key characteristic that makes our employees successful. Not just a passion for our technologies and our industry but a passion for learning, innovating and making a difference as global citizens. What are you passionate about? Tell us — we want to know how you’d leverage that passion to be successful at Medtronic.
  • Interview Us: We understand you're in the process of making a decision that will impact your career for many years to come. Take this opportunity to ask us about Medtronic's involvement in the community and how we develop our organization, people and vision. Ask questions that are important to you. Our interview is also an opportunity for you to determine if we are right for you and your future.


We believe you should have access to your application and interview status at any time. Log on to our system to check yours. If you need assistance with completing the online application process, please contact

Try to be patient — there may be no status change visible after you apply. It often takes time to fill a job and there are many variables at play, some completely unrelated to you and your application.

If you need assistance with completing the online application process, please call Medtronic at +1-800 987-3565 Option 1 for English, Option 2 French or contact