Living With Diabetes, It's like...

Living with diabetes is a constant balancing act.

It's like doing everything in your daily life while keeping a balloon in the air.

Medtronic launched the #BlueBalloonChallenge in 2021, to raise awareness and drive more understanding of what it’s like to live with diabetes. By taking part in the challenge, you can show support for the millions of people living with diabetes and help educate others about the effort required to manage the condition.

Joining the challenge is easy! 

1: Shoot a video or snap a photo of yourself bouncing a blue balloon in the air doing routine activities or embarking on a fun adventure -- get creative!

2: Share it on social media using the #BlueBalloonChallenge and tag @MedtronicDiabetesCanada

Don't have a Blue Balloon?
Use our FREE Instagram Filter, or go to your local party store and get a Blue Balloon to participate! 

Blue Balloon Challenge

Every time someone performs a #BlueBalloonChallenge, Medtronic will donate $5 USD to Life for a Child organization.

About Life For a Child

In some under-resourced countries, children living with type 1 diabetes don’t have access to life-saving insulin, blood glucose test strips and diabetes education. Life for a Child partners with diabetes centers across 44 countries, including Tanzania, Mexico, and India to help young people with diabetes who have no other care available.

Life For a Child Logo

About Medtronic Diabetes

Medtronic is working with the global community to help change the way people manage diabetes. Together, we will transform diabetes care by expanding access, integrating care, and improving outcomes, so people with diabetes can enjoy greater freedom and better health.

For more than 35 years, we’ve continued to drive innovation, including new insulin delivery solutions. We are committed to innovating further. With a renewed focus on creating products that are easy to use, we hope our future technologies will enable people to focus more on life, and not diabetes.

Family with Blue Balloon

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