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770G pump

Exploring Insulin Pump Technology

Using an insulin pump and looking for education about advanced features? This session will explore all your questions about your insulin pump including topics such as infusion sets, using basic and advanced basal and bolus pump features, navigating everyday scenarios and more! Join this session no matter which MiniMed™ pump system you currently use.

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Diving Into The MiniMed™ 770G System

Already using the MiniMed™ 770G Insulin Pump System? This session will reinforce best practices for getting the most out of your system including discussion about the MiniMed™ Mobile and CareLink™ Connect apps, personalizing your glucose alert settings, advanced basal and bolus functionality and using your CareLink™ data to improve your outcomes.

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770G System
CGM system

Success With Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)

Using CGM with your MiniMed™ System? This session will reinforce best practices for optimizing the use of your CGM including discussion about sensor site selection, insertion and taping, personalizing your glucose alerts, calibration and understanding your glucose trends using CareLink™.

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Understanding SmartGuard™ Auto Mode

Ready to bring your Auto Mode experience to the next level? This session explores some key tips to improve your understanding of Auto Mode glucose alerts, exits, using a temp target and common best practices to help you to spend more time in Auto Mode and to optimize your time in range.

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Phone in hand
Nurse looking at report results

Reviewing CareLink™ Data Management Software And Reports

Do you have questions about CareLink™ and how to read your reports? This session will present a discussion about reports, symbols, graphs, pump settings and making sure you’re comfortable to look at our reports with confidence. Come prepared to ask our panel of Diabetes Clinical Specialists any question(s) that may be on your mind.

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Focusing On Kids and Technology

Do you have a child using insulin pump and/or CGM technology? This session outlines some helpful guidance for setting children up for success and may include discussion about physical activity, infusion sites, taping tips, advanced pump features and more! We will discuss considerations unique to children.

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Girl with pump holding phone
Girl exercising with pump

Jumping Into Exercise And Technology

Interested in a discussion about exercise while using insulin pump or CGM technology? This session focuses on some of your commonly asked questions regarding exercise and includes some helpful tips for managing glucose before, during and after exercise.

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