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Medtronic Extended infusion set and Extended reservoir

The first and only infusion set designed for twice the wear.1 Use exclusively with the Extended reservoir.
Compatible with the MiniMed™ 780G, 770G, 670G and 630G insulin pumps.

Life with fewer interruptions*

means fewer site changes each month compared to standard infusion sets.

"Being able to wear an infusion set for twice the wear time really helps with my freedom. It lets me go out to do the things that I love and not have to worry about carrying all the supplies that I used to."
- Jaylen Medtronic Ambassador

Ambassadors receive promotional items and educational material to use and share as they see fit. Opinions are based on the Ambassador's actual experience; individual results may vary.

Simple to use

With the all-in-one serter, set changes are virtually painless5 and quick and easy to do:

1. Remove tape

2. Squeeze and remove safety cap

3. Place Serter on body and press the button

For more information on how to insert the new Medtronic Extended infusion set,
please refer to the quick reference guide and/or insertion video.

To get the first and only infusion set designed for twice the wear,
order by calling 1-800-284-4416 or on

Save money and help reduce plastic waste.
Save up to 4 lbs of plastic each year6!

Frequently asked questions

Only the Extended reservoir is tested and labelled to keep insulin stable and safely used for up to 7 days.4

If you’re using a MiniMedTM 780G, 770G, 670G, or 630G insulin pump, you can order and use the Medtronic Extended infusion set. 

No, each Medtronic Extended infusion set has a built-in serter.

The Medtronic Extended infusion set is cleared for use on the abdomen, back of the arm, lower back, buttocks, and thighs. We recommend referring to the product instructions while inserting this set.

Currently, we offer a 23” tubing with either a 6mm or 9mm cannula and a 32" tubing with 9mm cannula.

No, the Extended reservoir is only indicated for use with the Medtronic Extended infusion set. Use for a maximum of 7 days, or according to the insulin labeling, whichever duration is shorter. For more details, visit this important safety information.

No, other Medtronic infusion sets are only cleared for 2-3 days. The Extended infusion set has new technology and different materials that allow it to be worn for twice the wear time.

The Medtronic Extended infusion set is designed with new materials to allow for longer wear (up to 7 days). Three updates have been made to the materials in the tubing connector, the tubing itself and the adhesive patch.

Although the insertion is the same as Mio™ Advance, as well as the look and feel, improvements have been made to the tubing, tubing connector, and adhesive patch so that it can last longer. The two sets can be visibly distinguished from one another because the Extended infusion set has blue packaging and blue cap.

The standard reservoir is labeled for use up to 3 days and must be changed every 3 days. We recommend using the Medtronic Extended infusion set and Extended reservoir together. The Extended reservoir is labeled for use up to 7 days and thus, only needs to be changed when insulin runs out or when the infusion set is changed.


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    * vs the 3-days infusion set MiniMed™ Quick-set™

    † Refers to Medtronic MiniMed Paradigm Medication Reservoirs licensed in Canada.

For a listing of indications, contraindications, precautions, warnings, and potential adverse events, please refer to the Medtronic Extended infusion set and Extended reservoir Instructions for Use.
Refer to your Medtronic insulin pump user guide for a list of compatible insulins and infusion sets.