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24-Hour Technical Support

Diabetes Takes No Breaks - Neither Do We. Always By Your SideSM

Our technical support specialists are always available to provide  the service, guidance, and answers  to better manage your diabetes. 

Diabetes never rests, but you are not alone. We're with you on this journey. From your first training session to ongoing support, our Technical Support team is always there to help. 

Marcia Technical Support Manager


"Every interaction is an opportunity to empathize, educate and empower customers both accurately and efficiently.  We strive to provide the best technical support possible and ensure that our customers understand what we will need to do in order to resolve their issue and how we will complete it together as one team on the phone."

-Marcia A
24-Hour Technical Support Manager

Trained & Dedicated Staff

Our experts are on hand to provide answers to all of your questions.

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24-Hour Technical Support 1-800-284-4416.

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