SureScan ICD Systems MRI Access


  • 1.5T and 3T full body MRI scanning for all SureScan™ ICD systems
  • Supported by extensive safety data

  • SureScan MR Conditional ICD system is comprised of both the Medtronic SureScan ICD and the Medtronic MRI lead(s)
  • SureScan devices and leads work in any combination

Model Number

Evera MRI™ XT DR / VR

DF4 Models:

  • DDMB1D4
  • DVMB1D4

DF-1 Model*:

  • DDMB1D1
Evera MRI DR ICD image

Evera MRI S DR

DF4 Model:

  • DDMC3D4

DF-1 Model*:

  • DDMC3D1
Visia AF MRI single chamber ICD image

Visia AF MRI™ VR

DF4 Model:

  • DVFB1D4

DF-1 Model*:

  • DVFB1D1
Visia AF MRI single chamber ICD image

Visia AF MRI™ S VR

DF4 model:

  • DVFC3D4

DF-1 model*:

  • DVFC3D1
Image of dual chamber Primo MRI ICD

Primo MRI™ DR / VR

DF4 Models:

  • DDMD3D4
  • DVMD3D4

DF-1 Models*:

  • DDMD3D1
  • DVMD3D1

When a single coil SureScan defibrillation lead is used, a Medtronic DF-1 pin plug must be secured in the SVC port to make a complete SureScan DF-1 defibrillation system.

SureScan Defibrillator Leads Model Number (length)
6946M DF4 lead

Sprint Quattro™ MRI SureScan™

  • DF4: 6946M (55, 62 cm)
Sprint Quattro Secure MRI™ SureScan™

Sprint Quattro Secure MRI™ SureScan™ 

  • DF4: 6947M (55, 62 cm)
  • DF-1: 6947 (58, 65 cm)
Sprint Quattro Secure S MRI™ SureScan™

Sprint Quattro Secure S MRI™ SureScan™ 

  • DF4: 6935M (55, 62 cm)
  • DF-1: 6935 (58, 65 cm)

View a listing of SureScan pacing leads approved for use with Medtronic MR-conditional ICDs.