Healthcare Professionals

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)

At Medtronic


Medtronic offers EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) as a way to streamline the order-to-cash business processes. One of our two eCommerce channels, EDI provides a fully intergrated order-to-invoice experience.

On this page you will find:

Supported EDI Transactions

We accommodate other versions and formats as necessary.

EDI Service Providers

Medtronic uses the following EDI service providers:

  • Global Heathcare Exchange (GHX)
  • Global Exchange Services (GXS)
  • Commport Communications (Commport)
  • Through GHX, Commport and GXS Medtronic supports interconnect services to other EDI service providers
  • Direct connections evaluated for approval upon request

EDI Standards and Protocols

  • EDI X12 
  • xCBL