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Fully Integrated CRT Implant System

Attain Integrated CRT Implant System

Placing the left-heart lead can be the most difficult part of the cardiac resynchronization therapy implant procedure. With Medtronic advanced leads and delivery systems, you have many options to navigate difficult anatomy to improve the chances of a successful implant, so that more of your patients can enjoy the advantages of cardiac resynchronization therapy (CRT).

Flexible Lead Combinations

Attain Delivery System Flexibility

Portfolio Summary

The AttainTM CRT implant system works together to help you navigate the most challenging anatomies.

Delivery System Flexibility with Multiple Lead Options

Attain Performa Quad Lead Portfolio

Attain Performa Quad Lead Portfolio

  • Attain Performa™ Quad family of leads – Three lead shapes with short bipolar spacing to address different implant and stability challenges; compatible with Select™ II + SureValve® sub-selection catheters
  • Attain AbilityTM family of leads – Navigate diverse anatomies with a family of dual electrode leads compatible with Select™ II + SureValve® sub-selection catheters, featuring a flexible, tapered distal end
  • Attain StarFixTM lead – The first active fixation left-heart lead to optimize lead placement in a diverse range of vein locations and sizes
Flexible Lead Combinations

Attain Ability Lead Portfolio

  • Attain Command™  + SureValve™ catheters – The first catheter family to feature a hydrophilic coating for deep seating
  • Attain Select™ II + SureValve® sub-selection catheter – The first 7 Fr catheter capable of delivering a 4 Fr and 5.3 Fr lead directly to branch veins
  • Attain Hybrid™ guide wire – The agility of a guide wire with the stability of a stylet in one
  • Advanced Implant Tools – Additional tools for navigating various anatomies to achieve CRT implants
The Medtronic Attain integrated system of steerable and fixed shape catheters and over-the-wire leads has been designed to fit your preferences and your patients’ anatomies – even in difficult cases.
Achieve proven clinical performance 1-5 with the Attain family of cardiac resynchronization leads and delivery systems.

Important Safety Information

Surgical complications, such as cardiac perforation, may occur and care must be taken when placing and positioning a cardiac lead. Please refer to the Instructions For Use for complete safety Information, potential complications, Indications, Contraindications, Warnings and Precautions.

Get There. Stay There. Perform There.

Integrated tools that work together for:

  • Steerability
  • Telescoping
  • Sub-selection

OTW leads with:

  • Multiple fixation options: active, angled body, dual canted, straight with tines
  • Low dislodgement rates1-5
  • Sizes to fit a wide range of anatomies

Proven performance:

  • High implant success rate1-5
  • Low stimulation thresholds1-4
  • Fewer complications due to phrenic nerve stimulation1-5
  • Dual electrode lead design1,3-5
  • Tip seal facilitates reduction of blood ingress1-5
  • Quadripolar leads with short bipolar spacing and steroid on all electrodes6-8



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For listing of Indications, Contraindications, Warnings, Precautions, and Potential Adverse Events, please refer to the Instructions For Use .