Healthcare Professionals


Pacing System for Bradyarrhythmia Management

Product Overview

  • Physiologic pacing (MVP & SAV+)
  • 1.5T and 3T full-body MRI scanning
  • Automaticity
  • Advanced therapeutic options


Full suite of automaticity features that adjust and adapt to deliver therapy to meet the patient's needs while optimizing current drain and maximizing longevity.


Clinically proven Managed Ventricular Pacing (MVP) algorithm promotes intrinsic conduction and reduces unnecessary RV pacing by 99% leading to reduced risk of AF and HF hospitalization.1


Medtronic SureScan™ MRI devices are built to be scanned and allow more patients access to better disease diagnostics. Ensure your patients get 1.5T and 3T MRI scans with simple scanning conditions, in any combination of Medtronic MRI compatible devices and leads, when conditions are met.


Gillis AM, Pürerfellner H, Israel CW, et al. Reduction of unnecessary ventricular pacing due to the Managed Ventricular Pacing (MVP) mode in pacemaker patients: Benefit for both sinus node disease (SND) and AV block (AVB) indications. Heart Rhythm. 2005;Abstract AB21-1.