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MRI SureScan Pacing Leads

for Bradyarrhythmia Management

Meeting the need for pacing and MRI

Worldwide, it is estimated that up to 75% of patients with implanted cardiac devices are expected to need an MRI scan during the lifetime of their devices.1 Five SureScan pacing lead options allow patients to undergo an MRI under specific conditions for use when used in combination with a SureScan cardiac device.

  • SelectSecure™ MRI SureScan™ Model 3830
  • CapSureFix Novus MRI SureScan Models 5076, 4076
  • CapSure Sense MRI SureScan Models 4074, 4574

CapSureFix Novus MRI SureScan Model 5076, 4076

The 4076 and 5076 pacing leads are MR Conditional and safe for use in the MRI environment.

The electrically active helix of the SureScan Model 5076 and 4076 leads are designed to extend easily for active fixation and retract for venous passage.

The CapSureFix Novus MRI SureScan Model 5076 was the second pacing lead to be approved for use in the MRI environment. More than 3.2 million of these leads have been sold worldwide with 97.6% reliability at 10 years.2,3

CapSure Sense MRI SureScan Models 4074, 4574

The 4074 and 4574 pacing leads are MR Conditional and safe for use in the MRI environment.

The CapSure Sense MRI SureScan, steroid-eluding leads with a ring-shaped tip and titanium nitride (TiN) microstructure are designed for optimal sensing and system performance resulting in better detection of ventricular Capture Management.

Active Fixation

Pacing Leads Asset
Image of 3830 lead

SelectSecure MRI SureScan Pacing and Sensing Lead

Not Available

5076 pacing leads

CapSureFix Novus MRI SureScan Leads

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Passive Fixation

Pacing Leads Asset

CapSure Sense MRI SureScan

Not Available


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