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SessionSync Software

Disk-free Data Transfer From the Programmer to the Paceart System

Faced with increasing volumes of patient and device data, cardiac clinics need efficient ways to organize workflow and provide care. SessionSync® software offers a fast and easy way to transfer in-clinic cardiac device data for Medtronic devices into your Paceart System.

SessionSync software lets you break free from the use of floppy disks and other portable media and avoid manual data transfer. Direct downloads through SessionSync software improve clinic workflow, save valuable time, and may enhance data accuracy by reducing possible errors associated with manual data entry.

SessionSync software on the Medtronic CareLink® Programmer transfers device follow-up data directly from the programmer into a patient's Paceart record. Simply end the follow-up session on the programmer, and the data automatically populate Paceart fields via the clinic's Ethernet network.

The CareLink Programmer can connect to your clinic's network via an Ethernet cable or a wireless connection.* For programmers used at remote locations that aren't connected to the clinic's network, the programmer will store up to 200 follow-up sessions and automatically transfer data to the Paceart System once the network connection is re-established.

SessionSync software supports direct data transfer for about three-quarters of Medtronic's implantable cardiac devices.

By automatically transferring data after the programmer session, the Paceart System:

  • Improves efficiency by eliminating time-consuming manual data transfer. A recent study demonstrated a time savings of 2.5 minutes per patient when using automatic data transfer versus manual data entry.1
  • Allows patient records to be complete and accurate.
  • Provides greater flexibility in room setup and patient care.



Use of SessionSync in a wireless configuration requires a Medtronic-supplied 802.11b wireless card and an established 802.11b-compatible wireless network. The network must support WEP wireless security. Medtronic will not establish or maintain a clinic's wireless infrastructure. For questions about wireless SessionSync, contact Medtronic Paceart's Technical Support Team at 1 (800) PACEART.



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