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VeriFlex (Liberté)

Competitive Analysis: Integrity vs. VeriFlex (Liberté) BMS

Integrity Is 86% More Trackable Than VeriFlex (Liberté) BMS1

The Integrity coronary stent system is designed to improve your approach:

  • Enhanced trackability vs. VeriFlex (Liberté)1
  • Improved deliverability vs. VeriFlex (Liberté)2

Integrity Chart vs Liberte BMS US

Integrity Chart vs Liberte Crowns US

What Makes Integrity BMS So Different?

Integrity BMS Provides the Performance You Need for Tortuous Anatomies

Integrity Illustration US

Continuous sinusoid technology allows for:

  • Excellent flexibility and conformability
  • Continuous range of motion
  • Optimized radial strength

Integrity Flexibility US

Innovation and Design: Experience the Stent Platform of the Future—Today



Bench test data vs. Abbott Multi-link Vision, Boston Scientific VeriFlex (Liberté) stents on file at Medtronic, Inc. Bench testing results may not be indicative of clinical performance.


Deliverability results based on physician preference from preclinical pair-wise assessment. Data on file at Medtronic, Inc.

Multi-Link Vision