Evolut FX System for transcatheter aortic valve implantation (TAVI)

The Evolut™ FX transcatheter aortic valve system sets new expectations for precision, control, and predictability in TAVI procedures.

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Engineered for easy

Raise your expectations for what is possible with the Evolut FX system.

Precision and control

Smooth, controlled, precise, and predictable. 
These are the hallmarks of a successful TAVI procedure — and the inspiration for the Evolut FX transcatheter aortic valve system.

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Product details

Predictable performance

Evolut FX system enhancements make TAVI procedures easier to visualize and more predictable.

Evolut FX TAVR valve on transparent background

Radiopaque gold markers provide a reference for deployment depth and commissure location.

Optimized stability layer increases catheter support during deployment and provides 50% less ventricular movement*1 so you get greater control when it matters most.

As demonstrated in bench testing.

Evolut FX TAVR delivery system on transparent background

Re-engineered delivery system expands flexibility for 360° range of motion and increases conformability to the anatomy for a 50% reduction in tracking forces*1 in challenging anatomies.

As demonstrated in bench testing.

Bench testing may not be indicative of clinical performance.

Manuals and technical guides

Access instructions for use and other technical manuals in the Medtronic Manual Library. Search by the product name (e.g., Evolut) or model number. You may also call 800-961-9055 for a copy of a manual.


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Evolut TAVI in action

Explore our valve design and the performance of the Evolut platform over time.


Compared to Evolut™ PRO+ system.



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