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Neurovascular Embolization


The Axium™ detachable coils family, including Axium Prime and Axium Nylon Helix (MicroFX) coils, offers a variety of options for coiling by optimizing coil delivery, deployment, and detachment. Paired with our Axium I.D. Instant Detacher and I.D. , the Axium detachable coil system provides a quick, easy, and reliable embolization option.1


Axium detachable coils and Axium Prime detachable coils are intended for the endovascular embolization of intracranial aneurysms. Axium detachable coils and Axium Prime detachable coils are also intended for the embolization of other neurovascular abnormalities such as arteriovenous malformations and arteriovenous fistulae. 


Product Details

All Axium Coils  

  • Fast, reliable mechanical detachment2 – from the first to last coil
  • Contour pusher technology, beveled retainer ring, and a 360 degree axial rotation detachment zone for smooth delivery with minimal micro catheter kickout1, 3
  • Progressive design balances softness, stability, and volume4

Axium Prime Coils

The Axium Prime (Extra Soft) coil is the softest Axium coil5,6 and one of the softest coils on the market.6

Axium Prime (Super Soft) coils are four times softer than Axium Bare coils to effectively fill space.5

Axium Prime (Frame) coils are stable and conformable with consistent neck coverage.9

Axium Bare Coils

The Axium Bare coil combines softness with stability7 by balancing the size of the primary wire and the outer diameter.4

Axium MicroFX Coils

Axium MicroFX coils with LatticeFX™ technology have overlapped individual nylon or PGLA microfilaments between coil loops, forming an intra-aneurysmal surface area for stable scar tissue formation.8  Axium MicroFX coils provide the acute performance of an Axium Bare coil with the added benefit of LatticeFX technology.


™* Third party brands are trademarks of their respective owners.








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Based on a study (data reference TR-NV12253) comparing three Axium  Prime coils (extra soft), Target™* Ultra coils and HyperSoft™* coils in terms of the lowest average exerted force within the interior of an aneurysm model during deployment. Of the coils tested in this study, the Axium Prime coils (extra soft) exhibited the lowest average exerted force (i.e. greater pliability). A subsequent study (data reference TR-NV12442) compared Axium  Prime coils (extra soft) to Target™* Nano 360 coils.




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