Midas Rex MR8 High-Speed Drill System

Midas Rex MR8 High-Speed Drill

The Midas Rex™ MR8™ high-speed drill system has a lower operating temperature, less chatter, improved visibility of the surgical site, and even better cutting performance. Navigable with StealthStation™ S8, it seamlessly integrates with other technologies in our portfolio. 


Midas Rex MR7 High-Speed Pneumatic Surgical Drill

Midas Rex MR7 Drills

The Midas Rex™ MR7™ high-speed pneumatic drills offer more power and performance* for spine, cranial, ENT, orthopedic and other surgical procedures.


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Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus High-Speed Electric Surgical Drill

Midas Rex Legend Stylus High-Speed Surgical Drills

The Midas Rex Legend EHS Stylus High-Speed Surgical Drill offers high-torque in a compact size, making it suited for a wide range of surgeries, including spine, neurotology, and ENT procedures.


Stealth-Midas System

Stealth-Midas System

The Stealth-Midas™ is a high-speed drill with a permanently attached tracker that allows for intraoperative navigation of spinal procedures using the StealthStation surgical navigation system.


Midas Rex Legend Attachments and Dissecting Tools

Legend Tools and Attachments

We offer a comprehensive selection of interchangeable attachments and tools for use with electric and pneumatic Midas Rex surgical drills.


Midas Rex Microsaws

Midas Rex Microsaws

Midas Rex® Microsaws offer reliability and performance with minimal vibration. Our Microsaws provide the power you need to perform a wide variety of neurosurgical, craniofacial, spinal, and orthopedic procedures.


Product Details

Compared to Midas Rex Legend Gold System.

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