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Introducing a Novel Approach to Neonatal Ventilation without the use of a Proximal flow sensor or any additional Catheters

Puritan Bennett 980 Ventilator with Synchronized Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV+)

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NICU stories of hope

The first moments of life are critical.

Meet five infants and the technology that supports them.

A premature

Lindsay’s story

HIE and

Chandi’s story

A matter of heart

Tia’s story

An infectious response

Sean’s story

Support & partnerships

A supportive family for those first months of life

The NICU team is more than just a group of highly trained and specialized medical professionals. It’s a genuine smile at the sight of a milestone achieved. It’s an emotional and sometimes heartbreaking end to a shift. It’s a supportive shoulder and life coach to a concerned parent struggling with their new reality. It is a family. At Medtronic we strive to be more than just a medical technology company; we aim to be a supportive member of that family.

Supportive family

Our partners

Our partnerships with societies and nonprofits that serve the NICU help drive research, community connection, and solutions to the specific challenges that are faced on a regular basis.

Our partners include:

National Association of Neonatal Nurses


Neonatal Heart Society

American Nurses Association

Hope for HIE

American Association for Respiratory Care

Clinical support NICU products

Hospital support

Medtronic offers an innovative and broad portfolio to support the NICU. Quality and sustainability are of utmost importance. We design our sensors, cables, monitors, ventilators, and dialysis products for seamless compatibility, durability, and ease of use — so you can put your focus on your patients not the devices.

Our solutions

The tools to support the newest lives

Neonates are extraordinary patients and require extraordinary care. Their newly developed bodily systems need to be treated gently and promptly to avoid long-lasting complications. The Medtronic suite of NICU products are specifically designed with these fragile neonates in mind to help support the NICU team in monitoring those subtle warning signs and delivering just the right treatment. Because even something so small, can make a big difference.

NICU solutions

INVOS™ 7100 regional oximetry system

Designed to help quickly identify cerebral desaturation events and improve the ability to intervene immediately. Because seconds matter.

INVOS™ infant regional saturation sensors

A soft, small sensor designed for fragile neonatal skin for use anywhere on the body.

Some products, indications, therapy areas may not be licensed in accordance with Canadian Law. Please contact your local representative for further information.

Clinical stories using the INVOS™ regional oximetry system

Lindsay’s story Chandi’s story   Sean’s story   Tia’s story


Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator

A multipurpose ventilator for noninvasive and invasive ventilation to help clinicians manage neonatal respiratory care.

Synchronized Non-Invasive Ventilation (NIV+) software

Software to estimate end inspiratory and end expiratory pressures at the patient interface.

NeoMode 2.0 software

Helps clinicians provide safe ventilatory support to neonates weighing as small as 300 grams by delivering tidal volumes as small as 2 mL.

Clinical stories using the Puritan Bennett™ 980 ventilator

Lindsay’s story   Chandi’s story   Sean’s story


Nellcor™ OxySoft™ SpO₂ sensor

Our Nellcor™ OxySoft™ SpO₂ sensor is the first pulse oximetry sensor to use a silicone adhesive to help protect fragile skin and improve repositionability.

Nellcor™ portable SpO₂ patient monitoring system, PM10N

Convenient, handheld pulse oximeter that is ideal for quick readings in various healthcare and home use settings.

Nellcor™ SpO₂ nonadhesive sensors

The Nellcor™ nonadhesive sensors are made of a soft, pliable, low-profile foam material that gives it “stiction” to help keep the sensor in place without adhesives.

Clinical stories using the Nellcor™ SpO₂ pulse oximetry system

Lindsay’s story   Sean’s story   Tia’s story

All of our NICU product offerings


Practiced and proven NICU solutions

Our products listed below have been tested in clinical settings with proven results.

Clinical findings: