Attain Performa and Vector Express Cardiac Device Features

Attain Performa Advanced Quadripolar Lead

Our Attain™ Performa™ Advanced Quadripolar Lead is part of our CRT device system, which allows you to personalize CRT. It offers:

  • 3 lead shapes for varying patient anatomies
  • Steroid on all electrodes to improve thresholds and longevity1
  • Short bipolar spacing to reduce phrenic nerve stimulation occurrence2,3
Image of quadripolar lead with wide electrode spacing. With the larger electrical field, the phrenic nerve is stimulated. Next to image of Attain Performa Lead with short, bipolar spacing. With the smaller electrical field, the phrenic nerve is not stimulated.


Provides clinically actionable data for all 16 vectors — in 2 minutes to4:

  • Select a pacing location
  • Maximize longevity
  • Optimize CRT response

The 2.0 version of our VectorExpress LV Automated Test optimizes CRT response with LV Electrical Delay:

  • RV Sense to LV Sense
  • RV Pace to LV Sense
VectorExpress LV Automated Test 2.0 programmer screen image highlighting R-V Sense to LV Sense.


  • Pacing from 2 LV electrodes provides another option for non-responders
  • Fully compatible with AdaptivCRT™, EffectivCRT™ Diagnostic, and EffectivCRT During AF
  • 5 new vectors added to allow for multiple point pacing
  • VectorExpress™ 2.0 displays longevity information for MPP vectors as well as single-site vectors


Multiple Point Pacing screen grab


Device & Model Number Available Lengths Asset
Image of Attain™ Performa™ S Advanced Quadripolar Lead

Attain™ Performa™ S (MRI)


78, 88 cm

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Image of Attain™ Performa™ Straight Advanced Quadripolar Lead

Attain™ Performa™ Straight (MRI)



78, 88 cm

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Attain™ Performa™ (MRI) 4298 image

Attain™ Performa™ (MRI)


78, 88 cm

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Lunati MG, et al. Long-Term Effect of Steroid Elution on the Electrical Performance of Coronary Sinus Leads for Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy. Presented at HRS 2012 (AB10-05).


Biffi, et al. Utilizing Short Spacing between Quadripolar LV Lead Electrodes to Avoid PNS. Cardiostim 2014, Poster presentation. Session 56P.


Biffi M, et al. Circ Arrhythm Electrophysiol. 2012;5:815-820.


Demmer W. VectorExpress Performance Results. Medtronic data on file. January 2013.