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Getting InterStim™ Therapy for Bladder or Bowel Control

If your bladder and/or bowel control problems are preventing you from living a full life, sacral neuromodulation with our InterStim Therapy system may provide relief. The minimally-invasive implant surgery can be done under local anaesthetic and may not require a hospital stay. Most people return to their regular activities within a few days.

Is It Right for You?

Some people find that standard treatments for bladder or bowel control problems don’t work well for them. Others can’t tolerate the side-effects of medications, or want to avoid irreversible treatment options. Find out if InterStim Therapy is the right treatment for your bladder or bowel symptoms.


Surgery: What to Expect

Verify System

Get information on a trial assessment to determine if InterStim Therapy will work for you. If you achieve good results from the trial assessment, you can discuss what to expect before, during, and after the simple, short operation.


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Is InterStim™ Therapy Right for You?

Your doctor will help you to determine if sacral neuromodulation (InterStim Therapy) is right for you. This treatment is designed to reduce bladder and bowel symptoms for people who suffer from overactive bladder, urinary retention, faecal incontinence or constipation. 

InterStim Therapy may be a good option for people who have not been helped by standard treatments or who could not tolerate them.

Evaluation Phase

Verify System

An evalutation can be performed to see how well InterStim Therapy can help with your bladder and/or bowel problems. The Evaluation is done with the Verify Evaluation System, which is specifically designed for this part of the treatment to allow your doctor to take the best treatment decision. This procedure uses an external neurostimulator, the so-called Verify™ ENS together with a test lead that is inserted during a simple procedure in your doctor's surgery or operating room.

Throughout the evaluation phase, you will keep track of your bladder and/or bowel symptoms in a special diary. If your symptoms are greatly reduced or eliminated during the evaluation, you may benefit from long-term use of InterStim Therapy.

With long-term use, a neurostimulator is implanted under your skin, in your upper buttocks, so that you do not need to wear it on a belt and can resume your regular activities. Your doctor will discuss this operation with you and explain what happens next.

Will It Eliminate Your Symptoms?

The results of sacral neuromodulation vary from person to person. This treatment option is not a cure for bladder or bowel problems: symptoms will come back if the treatment is stopped for some time. But, many people experience a significant benefit immediately and in the long run.

Surgery: What to Expect

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