Patient ID Card Updates:

Device ID Card

Help us keep your patient record up-to-date. Using this service and receiving an ID Card from Medtronic is completely free of charge.

Why Have an ID Card?

In case of emergency, we recommend all Medtronic patients carry their ID Card with them in order to identify you as having an implanted device.

The ID Card includes a toll-free number to contact Medtronic, and helps maintain current and accurate information for your record.

How Do We Use the Information You Provide?

Medtronic places very high value on safety and security of your private information. The information you provide is stored on a secure network, and is used to keep your device record current and accurate. We also use the information in order to process an updated Canadian Device Patient Identification Card for you, that will be mailed to you shortly after receiving your updated information.

Who Should Have an ID Card?

Medtronic patients with any of the following devices should have an ID Card:

  • CRDM Device (Pacemaker & Defibrillator, Leads, Loop Recorder, LINQ Monitor)
  • Neuro Device (Pump, Stimulators, Catheters)
  • Heart Valve/Ring/Band

Please email us to update any information on your ID Card, and a new ID Card will be sent to you at the address provided if:

  • Medtronic is the manufacturer of your device and
  • Your medical device was implanted in Canada or the US and
  • Include all device Serial Numbers 

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