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Training & Education

Center of Excellence clinical immersion training program for ENB 

(Electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy) 

Clinical immersion training program for mastering ENB with our latest Illumisite technology platform

Center of Excellence Visiting program for ENB 

(Electromagnetic navigational bronchoscopy) 

Observe ENB procedures and engage with experienced clinicians at our center of excellence! Open to thoracic surgeons and interventional pulmonologists with a strong interest to implement ENB at their practice!

Virtual training programs

Virtual reality procedural simulation workshop

Book a 30-minute VR session to experience our Illumisite fluoroscopy navigation platform for ENB procedures

Remote case observation training program

Enroll in our remote case observation program to experience ENB procedures from start to finish at the comfort of your home or office

Minimally invasive ivor-lewis esophagectomy

Port-instrument utilization and site placement simulation

This series will advance the healthcare professional by systematically describing the order of port insertion while highlighting each respective port along the way. Learn about laparoscopic and thoracoscopic port-instrument utilization and port site placement in a simulated, interactive environment. Access Training to read the descriptive Atlas guide, watch a corresponding complete MIE procedural video, and download the interactive simulation.