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Valleylab Universal Mounting Cart

Product Details

The Valleylab™ universal mounting cart helps surgical teams manage OR space more efficiently by storing up to two generators and a smoke evacuator on one cart.

Valleylab Universal Mounting Cart Overshelf

Product Details

The Valleylab™ universal mounting cart overshelf is compatible with the Valleylab™ universal mounting cart, and is ideal for a second electrosurgical generator or other system.

Valleylab Universal Mounting Cart Argon Gas Tank Kit

Product Details

The Valleylab™ universal mounting cart argon gas tank kit is compatible with the Valleylab™ universal mounting cart, and holds 2 gallon-size 42 cubic ft. tanks of argon gas.

Valleylab Argon Handset

Product Details

The Valleylab™ argon handset is for open procedures using standard or argon-enhanced electrosurgery.

The ability to deliver standard or argon-enhanced coagulation and cutting in one instrument lets the multifunction Valleylab™ argon handset provide unprecedented surgical flexibility for open procedures.

Valleylab Argon Electrodes

Product Details

The selection of retractable Valleylab™ argon electrodes includes blade and needle electrodes for open procedures and laparoscopic electrodes in a choice of tip configurations. Flexible coagulation electrodes are also available in a variety of lengths.


Improved precision and control in electrosurgery

A major advance in electrosurgical technology, argon enhancement has enabled a new element of precision and control in electrosurgical applications. When using a ForceTriad electrosurgical generator in conjuction with the Valleylab argon gas delivery unit, the surgeon can expect:

  • Improved visibility of the target tissue
  • A more finely directed coagulation effect
  • Enhanced control at higher power settings

Argon-enhanced coag permits the coagulation of certain tissue in a more controlled manner than with standard electrosurgical coagulation.

In argon-enhanced coag, activating the handset creates an argon gas plasma between the electrode and the tissue. The presence of inert gas at the surgical site inhibits combustion with other gases (e.g., oxygen, nitrogen, etc.) and pushes residual smoke, water vapor, or fluids away from the surgical site, thereby improving visibility.

In addition to argon-enhanced coagulation, the Valleylab™ argon gas delivery system II offers argon-shrouded cut. This mode creates less surgical smoke than conventional electrosurgical cutting and enhances surgical visibility.

The Valleylab™ argon gas delivery unit combined with the Valleylab™ argon handset conveniently makes the benefits of both modes available to the surgeon in a single instrument.