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Force TriVerse Electrosurgical Device

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Unsurpassed performance and quality are the hallmarks of Valleylab™ electrosurgical pencils, and why our pencils have become the standard against which others are measured.

Force TriVerse™ electrosurgical devices allow you to access the Valleylab™ mode for a combination of monopolar hemostasis and dissection while using a lower power setting than a traditional coagulation mode. The Force TriVerse™ electrosurgical device, used in conjunction with Valleylab™ solid laparoscopic electrodes, provides performance and convenience for your laparoscopic procedures.

Electrosurgical Pencils with Edge Coated Electrodes

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Edge™ coated electrodes provide uncompromised cut performance throughout a variety of procedures.

Electrosurgical Pencils with Stainless Steel Electrodes

Product Details

Hand switching pencils are available with either button or rocker switch controls to accommodate the surgeon’s preference. Switches have a high level of tactile feedback — surgeons can hear and feel the switch engage, preventing accidental activation of the device. Also available with the accessory holster and with the AccuVac™ smoke attachment.

Foot switching pencils provide exceptional versatility for general electrosurgery procedures.

Electrosurgical Pencils with Arthroscopic Electrodes

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Valleylab™ electrosurgical pencils with arthroscopic electrodes have been specifically designed for use in arthroscopic procedures.

Valleylab Reusable Rocker Switch Pencil

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The Valleylab™ reusable electrosurgical pencil is designed to meet the need for a long lasting, reliable pencil.


Important safety features, ergonomic design

We provide an extensive array of electrosurgical pencils designed for optimal performance in an integrated, state-of-the-art electrosurgery system.