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Valleylab Suction Coagulators

Product Details

Valleylab™ suction coagulators are intended for use in surgical procedures where the coagulation of tissue and suction of fluids are desired, and can be hand switch and foot switch activated when using compatible generators.

Surgiwand II 5 mm Suction/Irrigators

Product Details

The Surgiwand™ II without cautery suction/irrigation device consists of a 5 mm diameter shaft, and a 34 cm shaft length, with (9) orifices for pool suction and irrigation. This device also has a sealed portal to accommodate up to a 2.4 mm laser probe.

The Surgiwand™ II with unipolar cautery 5 mm suction/irrigation device is available with a non-removable Spatula tip or L-Hook tip, and can accommodate a gravity feed system, an electronic pump system and a nitrogen pump system. It consists of a 5 mm diameter shaft with pool suction holes for suction and irrigation capabilities.