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Spacemaker™ Pro Access & Dissector System

Product Details

The SpaceMaker™ Pro device is our all-in-one access and dissector system for inguinal and abdominal wall repair. Featuring a uniquely integrated solution that includes tailored cannulas and new anatomic balloons, the new Spacemaker™ Pro was designed to meet and address the challenges of laparoscopic hernia repair using the Minimally Invasive Component Separation Technique (MICST).

Spacemaker™ Dissection Balloon

Product Details

The Spacemaker™ dissection balloon uses a distention balloon (either oval or round) to separate tissue planes, forming a discrete cavity.

Spacemaker™ Structural Balloon Trocar

Product Details

The Spacemaker™ structural balloon trocar consists of a blunt obturator connected to a handle and a valve body assembly. The valve body assembly contains an internal flapper valve and seal to prevent gas leakage when instruments are inserted or withdrawn. The Spacemaker™ structural balloon trocar includes built-in converters to allow insertion of instruments of different diameters than the main seal. In addition, the device has an external one-way valve for gas insufflation.


Innovation that matters

We offer a comprehensive line of access and dissection products designed to deliver optimal clinical and economic performance in endoscopic and laparoscopic hernia repair and other minimally invasive procedures. Our products adapt easily to the surgeon’s individual technique and to the specific anatomical needs of each patient.