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TruClear™ Elite Hysteroscopes

Product Details

More access and clarity for you. More comfort for your patients.

TruClear™ Elite hysteroscopes provide a minimally invasive solution for viewing of the cervical canal and the uterine cavity for the purpose of performing diagnostic and operative procedures.

TruClear™ 5C Hysteroscope Set

Product Details

The smaller-sized TruClear™ 5C hysteroscope set lets you perform diagnostic and surgical procedures with one hysteroscope. As this instrumentation is the smallest available today, our 5 mm scope and 5.7 mm sheath require little-to-no dilation. Our longer scope and blade mean access to the entire uterus, including the cornua and fundal wall.

  • Ideal for in-office procedures and patients with a stenotic cervix as little or no dilation is required
  • Longer scope means access to the entire uterus, including cornua and fundal wall


TruClear™ hysteroscope sets optimize fluid flow and visualization when used with the TruClear™ System for tissue removal. The 100% continuous flow enables controlled, precise and thorough procedures.

Benefits of the TruClear™ hysteroscope sets include:

  • Optimal viewing of cervical canal and uterine cavity for the purpose of performing diagnostic and surgical procedures
  • Rigid 0° hysteroscope with straight-through, D-shaped working channel with offset optic
  • 100% uninterrupted continuous flow
  • Compatibility with commonly available camera and light cords
  • Autoclave sterilization

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  • †Compared to competitive devices