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Mon-­a-­therm™ general purpose temperature probe is indicated for use in the routine monitoring of temperature in an anesthetized patient. The device is intended primarily for insertion into the esophagus or rectum, although medical judgement may dictate the selection of other anatomical sites, such as the nasopharynx, for some patients. This versatility can help simplify inventory.

Accurate and reliable, these products are suitable for use in multiple clinical settings, including the operating room, intensive care areas, postanesthesia care units, and the general care floor. These probes are part of our comprehensive line of temperature probes and sensors. With this broad product line, clinicians can easily meet a range of clinical needs from a single source.

Esophageal placement of the probe may be contraindicated in patients with upper esophageal diverticulae or stenosis, as well as in neonates or small infants undergoing operative procedures of the neck, such as tracheotomy or insertion of an internal jugular catheter. Rectal placement may also be contraindicated in neonates and small infants due to the possibility of colon perforation.