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Precise energy delivery

Across the range of products and procedures, LigaSure™ technology delivers a combination of pressure and energy to create vessel fusion. When used with the FT10 FT Series Energy Platform, the LigaSure™ vessel sealing system can be used on arteries, veins, pulmonary vasculature, and lymphatics—up to and including 7 mm in diameter—and tissue bundles.

When used with compatible instruments, the system provides precise energy delivery and electrode pressure to vessels for a controlled time period to achieve a complete and permanent fusion of the vessel lumen. Feedback-controlled response system automatically discontinues energy delivery when the seal cycle is complete, eliminating the guesswork. The system is designed to produce minimal sticking, charring, and thermal spread to adjacent tissue.

Warning: The tissue fusion function has not been shown to be effective for tubal sterilization or tubal coagulation for sterilization procedures, and should not be used for these procedures.