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Clearify™ Visualization System

Product Details

Visual clarity. Reimagined.1,†

The Clearify™ visualization system’s all-in-one design enables visualization throughout your procedure for a smooth laparoscopic and robotic surgery case flow.

The Clearify™ system is a multifunctional, clinician-inspired solution, used right at the surgical site to:

  • Defog1,†, clean1,†, protect1,2,‡ and white-balance your scope2,†
  • Clean your trocar3,†

With the Clearify™ system, you will avoid:

  • Scope and lens damage1,2,‡
  • Procedural delays1,Ω,††
  • Clutter in the surgical field1,§



Product Features

Warms in 5 minutes. Cleans in 5 seconds. Lasts for 5 hours.3,†

Small enough to fit anywhere on the surgical field and accommodates 5 mm and 10 mm laparoscopes,2,† the Clearify™ system keeps surgical scopes clear3,† in just three steps:

  1. Dip the scope in the hub’s reservoir for five seconds.
  2. Wipe debris out of the trocar with the trocar wipe.
  3. Swipe the scope on the hub’s white micro pad or with one of the microfiber cloths.2,†
Order Information

Order Information
21-345 Clearify™ Visualization System Box 1


The Clearify™ system warms, defogs, cleans, and protects your scope for continuous clarity, from start to close.2,3,4,‡,§ It even ensures true white balance.3,§ And the included Trocar Wipe® keeps your clean lens from being contaminated by trocar debris.4,§

  • Clearify™ system's hub contains its anti-fogging solution reservoir, white balancer, cleaning pad, and a reducer compatible with all laparoscopes (5 mm to 10 mm)3,§
  • Two 6” x 8” x-ray detectable micropads are included
  • The included X-ray detectable Trocar Wipe® has two tips: one for 5 mm trocars, and one for 8-12 mm trocars

Fred™ Anti-Fog Kits

Product Details

Fred™ anti-fog solution is a market leading product for providing a fog-free endoscope.

Order Information

Order Information
220-50 Dexide™ Fred™ II Anti-Fog Kit Bulk Pack Box 20
  • †Results based on bench top testing.

  • ‡Product design and based on bench top testing.

  • §Based on the results of a survey of surgeons comparing usage of additional cleaning supplies between Clearify™ users (n=49) and non-users (n=36).

  • ΩTime savings depends on the duration and type of procedure.

  • ††Based on the results of a survey of 49 Clearify™ users who were asked to estimate OR time saved.

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