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If you're wondering what it's like to receive targeted drug delivery, these featured patient stories should help. Learn more about what it's like to go through the trial, receive the implant, and get back to daily living. 

These are individual patient experiences. Not everyone responds to targeted drug delivery in the same way, and your experience may vary. To understand the benefits and risks of targeted drug delivery, please discuss them in detail with your physician.


David’s Story

Discovering targeted drug delivery

'During the trial I felt great relief,' says David.' A total calming down of the severe pain. I still had some discomfort, but not the blinding electrical shock I was used to. I couldn't wait for the surgery!'

Return to Exercising

David experienced pain relief with targeted drug delivery and returned to exercising. 'My average pain score is a 3 out of 10. I go to the gym daily and work out for an hour and a half,' David says.

Living a Full Life

Best of all, David and his wife were able to realize their dream of adopting two children from Korea. 'Because of the pump, I was able to interact with my children and to complete my career to retirement. It has given me a life,' David says.

Rob’s Story

"My family life has improved dramatically since the infusion pump."

Caroline’s Story

"The first day of my screening test, I had immediate pain relief."

Elaine’s Story

"I've talked to so many other patients. They're just amazed by how quickly [the refill procedure] is done."

John’s Story

“My life has completely changed from what it used to be”

Tami’s Story

“I wanted to get on with my life and that was exactly what the pump allowed me to do. The pain was under control.”

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