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Hi! I am from Saudi Arabia, living in Riyadh. I graduated from King Saud bin Abdulaziz University with a bachelor’s degree in Anesthesia Technology.
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When and why did you join Medtronic?

I applied to Medtronic for the internship program back in June 2021. Honestly, it was a challenge for me knowing that I switched my career paths from being an Anesthesia specialist to Sales.

After the internship program, I realized that this working environment would help me a lot in my career, and I did not hesitate when I received the offer to convert into a full-time employee.

I joined Medtronic officially as a full-time employee in November 2021.

What is your current position and what do you do?

Currently, I am a Sales representative at the Coronary & Renal Denervation business unit. I handle several accounts in Saudi Arabia.

I am responsible for covering all aspects that are related to sales, deliveries and meeting with physicians and healthcare providers to maintain & strengthen the relationship and gain market share.

What do you like the most about your job?

What I like most about my job is that I am responsible for my accounts, establishing strategies, and setting goals for myself. The amount of support and motivation that I get every single day from my colleagues and managers is making me a better version every day. My colleagues and managers and I are a family.

I really enjoy coming to the office to engage with my colleagues and learn a lot from them. I never thought I’d find such an amazing environment and positive energy atmosphere. I feel lucky and grateful for where I am today. I would never have done it without the help of the coronary family.

Why would you recommend working at Medtronic?

Medtronic has won the ”A great place to work” award which shows that the company cares about and supports its employees while also challenging them to grow within the company.

In my department, we all trust and respect each other and have a shared commitment to both individual and company success. Working with my colleagues and managers like a family makes me come to work every day. 

I believe that Medtronic meets its employees' financial, mental, physical, and emotional needs.

I am happy and grateful that I am part of this amazing and driven institution. 

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