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Bachelor's in Management Engineering - Turkey

"As a student, you need to make time for the internship and university at the same time. Medtronic respects your time and gives you enough flexibility when needed."

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Honors degree in Biokinetics - South Africa

"I joined Medtronic in January 2020 on a medical sales internship for 12 months. Currently, I work full time as an associate Tender Analyst."

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cema interns

Bachelor’s in Anesthesia Technology - Saudi Arabia

"Honestly, it was a challenge for me to switch my career paths from being an anesthesia specialist to a sales specialist. After the internship, I realized that working here would help me a lot in my career, and I did not hesitate when I received the offer".

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Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering - Turkey

"I joined Medtronic as an intern for six months. During this time I had the opportunity to meet the Medtronic culture and decide what I wanted to do. Then, I moved into a permanent role."

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Bachelor’s in Human Life Science & Psychology - South Africa

"I joined Medtronic as the skills I acquired via my degree aligned with the mission statement of the company. I would highly recommend working at Medtronic if you are goal-driven and passionate about healthcare."

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cema interns

Bachelor’s in Biomedical Engineering - Saudi Arabia

"At Medtronic, I'm continuously learning about new technologies and can apply my knowledge in the field and have great discussions with surgeons, therefore, expanding my network."

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What programs can you enroll?

Internship program

You will get:

  • Inclusive coaching and development mindset
  • Challenging projects
  • Networking events
  • Mentorship program
  • Professional development opportunities
You’ll be seen as a future leader with the potential to change not just the future of medical devices, but the future of the world. With the support, autonomy and opportunity to make an impact in global markets, you’ll work with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and learn directly from senior leaders. What you do next is up to you.


Program available in Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, East Asia, Levant, Arabian Peninsula and Africa

Where do we hire?


Interview tips

You have few seconds to make a first good impression

Resumes create first impressions with hiring managers and recruiters. 

Follow these tips to be prepared.
  • Show a clear match between your experience and the position
  • Well organized: easy for the recruiter and hiring manager to see key information. 
  • Action-oriented: start each bullet with an action verb in the third person, such as responsible for…; coordinated between; collaborated with.
  • Concise: include only the most relevant information – 1 page maximum. 
  • Chronological style: begin with the current job
  • No grammar or spelling errors and no abbreviations or acronyms.  

Hiring managers are looking for examples that show your soft skills.


  • Be prepared, positive and confident.
  • Dress for success and be on time. Do not arrive too early. 
  • “Sell” yourself – but don’t oversell. 
  • Be polite. Be yourself. Maintain eye contact. 
  • Summarize your interest and qualifications at the end of the interview.
  • Ask about the next steps and when you can expect a response or follow-up.
  • Send a thank you note after the interview and reconfirm your interest.
  • Be ready for ‘behavioral-based questions’ – Have good examples to show your skills.
Behavioral questions typically start like this:
  • “Tell me about a time when you..."
  • "Describe how you have handled..."
  • "Give me an example of..."


  • Never speak negatively about former employers, boss or colleagues. 
  • Asking questions that don’t relate to the job you are interviewing for. 
  • Rushing to answer. Attempting to fill the silence. Interrupting or speaking over the interviewer. 
  • Distracting the interviewer while they are taking notes or formulating a follow-up question.
  • Don’t ask about other positions during your interview. 
  • Don’t set salary expectations unless asked directly by the interviewer.